Mantra For Test:

A product that could empower you to perform test on your own without adding technical skills in your team.

We designed this unique product "Mantra for Test" to empower the business users to strategize, plan, execute, fix scripts and maintain on their own without looking out for a technical help

“ A State-of-the-art Test Automation product, that helps you to strategize and execute test without Technical knowhow & minimal human interventions.”


Auto Script Generator

Works for Web & Desktop version of application.
It provides necessary tools to generate, manage & maintain test scripts and design reports.

Execution Engine

Ability to define execution workflows.
Role based access control & Scheduler.
Ability to view and manage execution progress realtime.

Auto-heal Module

Ability to identify the change in the UI.
Ability to auto fix script, if the change is identified.

Reporting Engine

Ability to search, view/ generate, download or share reports.

Data Preparation

Reads data from Enterprise System.
Drag & Drop based Selection/ filter criteria.
Data Randomization.