Mantra for Digitization

The Insurance Industry is awash with paper. Companies, even today process their day to day transactions on hardcopies of forms, or use scanned soft copies which are unstructured, and non-searchable, adding further to the already overloaded accumulations of the past! For the right use of this data, the content had to be manually uploaded/converted for future use. This becomes a tedious and redundant effort, both for the company & the employees, especially when dealing with documents, large scale. Mantra for Digitization (MfD) is designed as an end to end digitization product specifically for the Insurance Industry! The heart of MfD is the industry's most unique AI-based Algorithm for the ICR, which has the capability to interpret handwritten and printed characters with very high precision. MfD leverages the RPA of Mantra's revolutionary innovation layer for sending the digitized data seamlessly into the Back-Office IT Systems. MfD also comes with a comprehensive monitoring system that monitors the overall process including, each component – both hardware & software used in the process of digitization.

“The State-of-the-art AI system used in MfD can read any character (incl. free flow handwritten documents) and feeds the data back in the Enterprise System without any manual intervention by leveraging RPA of Manomay’s unique Innovation layer.”

  Components of Digitization

AI Based ICR

- Image Pre-Processing
- Image Optimization
- Image Segmentation
- Handwritten Character Reading & Analysis
- Character Recognition
- Digitized Document
- Templatized document


Ability to automatically
- Post the digitized data to the templatized form
- Post the digitized data to the back-end enterprise IT system, after approval.

Analytics Dashboard

A consolidated dashboard view, on the end to end process such as
- Documents Scanned vs Digitized
- Documents Emailed vs Digitized
- Documents Digitized vs Approved
- Digitized Documents Accuracy %
- Immediate Alerts/ Notifications etc.

Corrections & Approval

AI decision making system transfers the digitized document for correction and approval
- Digitized data with lesser confidence is highlighted.
- Workflow waits for the approval and triggers RPA to enter data in Enterprise System

Monitoring System (optional)

Ability to upload a set of documents, to the scanner - to publish to the AI engine. This is a pre-requisite from the Insurance company.

IoT Enabled Chip (optional)

A chip integrated with IOT, to track the status of the process, hardware etc. This will be integrated on the Scanner, document feeder & AI Engine for visibility.