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Joining Business and IT disciplines for successful solution automation...

Targeted for Insurance Companies and Insurance Technology Vendors, we support Companies, in implementation and maintenance of the Third Party Enterprise IT Systems, primarily, through in Business Analysis, Business Scenario based Quality Assurance and Configuration & Maintenance of Insurance Products including Business Rules & Rating.

  Business Analysis

Easy to understand by both Business and IT and with REUSE as the key emphasis, our Business Analysis Service covers development of Business Model, Business Process Maps, Use Cases, Product Architecture, Patterns for Business Rules and Rating, User Authorities, Workflow and Data & User Interface Specifications etc.

Backed by the real world knowledge of the Insurance Business Operations and IT Systems, our analysts bring in a very structured and disciplined approach to Business Analysis for the Insurance Domain.

We have a three point agenda to our approach, which is complemented by Manomay’s Knowledge Repository and Quick Start Templates:
  • Determination and prioritization of customer-specific automation needs at the macro, micro and interdependent levels
  • Structuring of the business requirements and define IT specifications from two key perspectives - standardization (organization level) and flexibility (Territory, Market Segment, Distribution Channel, Product etc..)
  • Determination of patterns in the requirements and developing specifications with reuse and expandability as key emphasis

   Business Scenario based Quality Assurance

Our Service offers Companies the ability to determine whether the functionality provided by the IT Systems is in line with the business requirements.

With us, testing is never a separate discipline but integrated with Business Analysis. The consultants that undertake Business Analysis are also responsible for validating the IT Solution for compliance. This ensures continuity and RIGHT business perspective. Depending on the Customer IT Solution implementation model, in addition to the User Acceptance Testing, our Consultants in System Testing and Integration Testing - this involvement ensures early validation of the functionality and therefore the solution best aligned with the business requirements.

   Product Management and Configuration

Our service offers companies draw up reusable Insurance Product Specifications including Business Rules (Product Rules, Underwriting Rules etc) and Pricing (Logic, Tables, Factors).

Our Consultants have on the ground experience of Insurance Companies' Product Management Life Cycle, touching different Insurance Business functions, and multiple, best-of-breed Product Configurators of various Insurance Technology Vendors. This experience helps us align the company’s product requirements quickly, more so rightly, to the software vendor solutions' Product Structure for developing reusable specifications and configuring/maintaining Products/Business Rules/Pricing in the IT Systems.