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  Project Management


Our Service helps Insurance Companies manage critical IT Projects - Legacy replacement and Third Party Software Implementation, Software Selection etc- most successfully.

Project Management, as a discipline, has matured over the years and Project Managers are well supported with standard tools/techniques for effective Project Management. What distinguishes us is our ability to manage projects in absolute alignment with the business needs & expectations and bring success to project measurable on all critical parameters - cost, quality and budget - through our deep understanding of the insurance domain and technology. This strength enables us to utilize the resources optimally and provide better direction to the project.

   Project Health Checks


In the interest of Project Success, especially for critical IT Projects, independent evaluation of the projects progress, at key milestones, is highly recommended.


Intermittent external checks help determine the true health of the project early on, so corrective measures can be taken to steer the project around to success. Purpose of these checks is to help unearth the hidden and not so obvious issues coming in the way of successful project completion, without waiting till the end of the project.

Our Consultants bring in a structured and objective approach to assess the status of the Project, determine the problems, identify the root cause/s behind these problems and then come up with a corrective plan (and yes, sometimes unconventional workarounds) aimed at addressing the root cause of the problems. Depending on the Customer need, our Consultants also help in implementing the corrective plan and revive the project.

   Vendor Managment

  Our Service offers Insurance Companies support for on-going vendor management, primarily for the enterprise platform suites, in the context of cost optimization and usage maximization over the life cycle of the System.

Scope of our service includes:
  • Assessment of the current state of use of Vendor Systems - Limited/Reasonable/Good/Very Good
  • Assessment of Support from Vendor- Upgrades, Fixes, Training
  • Review of¬†Licensing and Maintenance agreements and determine Return for Value
  • Recommendations for on-going Vendor Management