About Mantra

Our InsurTech product “MANTRA” premise is to provide simple, automated answers to Insurance companies’ complex situations such as legacy technology pull, rip & replace challenges, indecisiveness about enterprise IT, changing customer expectations & positioning, people & process challenges, integrations & associations etc.

With the right combination different new  generation technologies - Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, Image Analysis, Mantra helps provide various technology solutions across the entire insurance value chain – with customer  centricity, competitive positioning, ease of use, ease of integration/communication as the primary drivers.

Seek for Mantra:

1. When the customer demands are spiralling and market positioning becoming a continuing concern
2. When my Current IT does not cater to the internal & external demands
3. When ‘TECHNOLOGY’ change options – Replace, Extend, Add, Delete – are expensive & difficult to measure
4. When it is difficult to decide the way forward
Then it's time to seek for MANTRA.

Our Approach:

Our focus is to understand how your current business is transacted, how does the current technology support you, where are the gaps and what are the challenges in addressing those gaps. This understanding is the basis for us to come up with unique MANTRA for you designed to address those needs/wants that are beyond the current realm, with zero to limited change to your current Business and IT eco systems, MANTRA works on top of your current IT for satisfying ever-increasing customer expectations and business aspirations! And that is through the right balance of the “Inside- out” and “Outside -In” perspectives!!


From Customer context:

1. To be easily accessible
2. To make them self-sufficient
3. To provide quick & context specific support & updates
4. To be available through multiple channels
5. To provide consistent experience
6. To empower and engage
7. To be transparent on the status/support

From Company context:

1.To provide right insights by context
2. To provide right information at right time
3. To ensure right use of skills & manage workload
4. To serve by context – different customer segments
5. To be able to connect right across myriad IT

“To be, to do, to have, to give – you need to see through a different lens! To be there & always, when it matters the MOST, you do not have to be limited by current state IT, big budgets, deep plans and long timelines!!”

Our Products

Mantra for Digitization

Still dealing with paper? Go green with MfD from scanning,intelligent digitization, approvals to automatic updates to back office IT.

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Mantra for Test

Much beyond traditional Automation – System Agnostic, No Scripting, Stealth & Auto heal.

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Mantra for Claims

Go forward for a great Personalized Customer Centricity & Satisfaction with MfC for Claims.

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Mantra for Data Driven Decisioning

Strengthen your decisioning insights with MfDDD’s most advanced techniques for classification, analysis and filtering.

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Mantra for Online

Redefine user experience, communication and integration with MfO – Lightweight, Agnostic & Secure!

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Mantra for Digital Adaptation

Time for holistic focus for data correctness, consistency & completeness for better decision making through MfDA .

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