MEASURE SERVICES   Features   Enterprise IT Health Checks

Our service helps Insurance Companies determine the Company’s IT Spend vs. Actual Realization. We generally agree on the assessment perspectives, both quantitative and qualitative, jointly with the Customer.  The perspectives include, but not limited to, level of Business Process/operational automation, IT Use, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Service, User Satisfaction, Interaction between Functions & Entities, Turnover, Business Volumes, Resource Count Change, Vendor Support etc.

We take a structured approach to measuring the current state and determining the effectiveness of IT vis-à-vis the current IT Strategy. This insight forms the basis for identifying and making changes to the IT Strategy/Plan - one that can improve the success rate.

We recommend that Companies regularly undertake these Health Checks - A Company that undertakes these checks and address the issues is far more likely to be Healthy - Agile, Competitive and Cost-Effective - than its counterparts in the market