STRATEGIC SERVICES   Features   IT Systems Review and Strategy Creation

Our Service offers Insurance Companies the expertise needed to develop IT Strategy that aligns with the Business expectations RIGHT.

In our experience, we have seen majority of the Companies not realizing the full value from IT - while the reasons might vary by Company, at the core, the issues generally exist at the intersection of Business and IT.

Armed with the combined and accumulated Business/IT wisdom, our Consultants take a structured - multi stage-multi layered-multi perspective – approach to identifying the constraints coming in the way for realizing the full value from IT and help Companies determine the way forward.
Our approach to “Systems Review and Strategy Creation” includes:  
  • Gathering Data from multiple perspectives - Business, Operating Models, Goals, IT Systems - their usage and capabilities
  • Analyzing Data gathered for determining the level of support by IT for Business
  • Identifying Constraints - Collate the data/perspectives and identify the Process and constraints coming in the way of meeting with Business Goals
  • Assessing Alternatives - Identify and assess alternatives & their impact on Business Goals,Financials, Timelines etc.

  • Presenting IT Options that best address constraints and extend support to Business from Strategic and Tactical perspectives
  • Undertaking a Cost - Benefit Analysis of each of the presented options
  • Recommending the Optimal Solution and the best IT Operating Model that ensures most efficient Business Operations and best Return on IT Investment
  • Initiating Solution Implementation - Determine next steps for implementing the approved solution from both Strategic and Tactical Perspectives

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